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Purpose and Rules:

Statement of Purpose:


The Kingsville Independence Day Parade has been an annual tradition for over three decades sponsored by the Greater Kingsville Civic Association and the Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company. Our parade is a non-profit event with the sole purpose to honor the freedoms of our heritage and promote a patriotic celebration of our country’s Independence Day. The parade is a family oriented event in which our community can gather together to celebrate both our common ideals and our diversity. Our Parade Committee and the governing bodies strive to maintain a safe and non-partisan atmosphere in which we promote a safe environment in which to celebrate our freedom while adhering to our responsibility to respect the rights of all Americans. The Parade Committee is comprised of volunteers from the community.  

 Parade Rules:


Entries must depict the parade theme and or, demonstrate a patriotic presentation within the bounds of acceptable community standards and taste. The Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry which does not meet these criteria. Antique cars are exempt from the display of theme requirements for judging. If the entrant of an antique car chooses to display or demonstrate the theme, the entry may also be judged under the theme contest at the sole discretion of the judges.

Parade entries agree to abide by all rules and decisions made by the Parade Committee. Failure to abide by Committee rules are grounds for removal from the parade.

No entry will be allowed to enter the parade which does not meet the application due date.

Children participating in the parade must be under the supervision and direction of a responsible adult at all times. All entries in which children are to be a part are to be made by an adult, who assumes, by virtue of placing the entry, full responsibility for the safety and actions of the children participating in their unit.

No entry will be allowed to participate that jeopardizes the safety of other participants, parade attendees, parade committee or others. Persons and/or organizations entering the parade agree, by virtue of entering the parade, to indemnify the Greater Kingsville Civic Association, Inc., The Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., and the parade committee from any and all claims which may arise as a result of their participation in the parade and are solely responsible for insuring the safety of their participants and parade attendees as their entry proceeds through the parade route.

All units, motorized or otherwise, shall keep up with the pace of the parade and other units in the parade. No unit may act or perform in any manner that causes a temporary or permanent stopping of any other vehicle or unit in the parade.

The use of alcohol, unlawful drugs, and/or tobacco by a parade participant between the start and ending of the parade is prohibited. Parade participants may not be intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs before or during the parade.

Entries whose sole purpose is to advocate for a particular political candidate, political party, or religious belief must do so in a positive manner which would not disparage any other entry, political party or candidate, or religious belief. Any entry that violates this rule is subject to removal from the parade.

Decisions of the Parade Committee are final and not subject to review by any other body.

No items may be thrown from any unit in the Parade. This includes candy. Items distributed to spectators along the parade route will only be passed out by hand.

Participants parking on the St. Paul’s parking lot WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to exit the parking lot until the last parade entry has passed that point and the lot released for egress by a parade official. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

Parade entrants acknowledge and agree that The Greater Kingsville Civic Association, Inc. The Kingsville Parade Committee and volunteers, and the Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company will not be held responsible for any liability caused by, or damage to, any parade participants.



The Parade’s purpose in promoting the use of these Principles of Safe Parade Participation is to create a safe event for all parade applicants, participants, spectators, and officials.

Overall, safety is the responsibility of every parade applicant, participant, spectator and official. As the responsible person entering a unit in the parade, you are strongly encouraged to carefully review these materials, and to share pertinent portions with others in your entry, as you bear all responsibility for the safe and proper operation of your entry before, during, and after the parade. In the event of an accident, you may be held responsible for your actions. By everyone working together, we can help make sure that the Parade is as safe as it can be so that the parade is an enjoyable and rewarding experience in which everyone can be proud.

Principles for a Safe Parade

1.  All vehicles and trailers used in the parade should be properly licensed, regulated and insured in accordance with the laws and regulations which apply to that vehicle and/or trailer. Vehicles operators must fully meet any applicable law or regulation regarding licensure or other qualification for the operation of the vehicle.

2.     Vehicles and Trailers should be properly maintained before entering the parade and be in complete working order.

3.     All vehicles to be used in the parade should be completely serviced before arriving at the assigned parade staging area. This may include being serviced for fuel, oil, water/coolant, tire inflation, and fully-charged battery.

4.     Vehicle decorations should not cover any exhaust pipe or placed where they may interfere with exhaust systems or moving portions of the vehicle, including wheels and hitches, nor should they block or interfere with full and complete visibility for the vehicle operator. Vehicles whose decorations block or interfere with complete operator visibility must have one or more walking spotters in constant voice contact with the operator accompany the vehicle at all times and provide direction to the operator so as to assure safe operation. Decorations should be made of fire resistant materials.


5.     Vehicle operators should endeavor to avoid abrupt starts and stops, and maintain safe distances from other entries and spectators. Operators are required to follow the directions of parade officials as to parking, speed, maintenance of distance while on the parade route or the line-up/parade disassembly areas. No hot rodding, wheelies, air horn or siren activations are permitted. Official emergency vehicles called into service requiring an emergency response while participating in the parade are exempted from the air horn or siren prohibition.

6.     All units, motorized or walking, are required to maintain the pace of the parade and not act or perform in any manner which would cause a temporary or permanent slowing or stopping of the parade’s progress.

7.     Standing participants on any vehicle or float should be provided with a sturdy device upon which to hold and brace themselves. Seated participants should be provided with a means of restraint. Participants riding upon the vehicle should remain on the vehicle from the time of parade line-up through the end of the parade. No participants are permitted to cling to, or ride, the outside of any vehicle.  Riders of motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, go-carts or similar vehicles are required to wear helmets if required by law or regulation. If not required, helmet use is strongly encouraged.

8.     There is to be no consumption of alcohol, other intoxicating substance, or smoking or other tobacco use by any parade participant before or during the parade.


9.     No objects are to be thrown from any entry during the parade. If items are to be given away, the entrant must provide sufficient walkers to hand items to parade attendees.

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